Periodicity of sinusoidal frequencies as a basis for the analysis
of Baroque and Classical harmony:
a computer based study

Submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy
The University of Leeds
School of Music
September 2001

Robert Asmussen, PhD


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Fugue (1987, 2003)

This fugue is written strictly within a Baroque tonal style. I created a previous version of this piece in Csound, with every note being given a precise frequency based on the theory of just intonation, but I will wait until I have written some computer programs that assist in assigning frequencies to notes before I create another Csound version.

Study in Classical Style (1981, 2000)

This piece was recorded in a rehearsal by the Allegri String Quartet at the University of Leeds in England. Please download it at:

Paper, “Tuning by Ratios” (1997)

Please visit my first Internet paper, which includes musical examples tuned using Csound, at:

Paper, “A Rule-based System for Tuning Chord Progressions” (2008)

Please visit my second Internet paper at: