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This website was created to provide information about historical and current production, development programs and selected financial's of AX&P's oil leases.



AX&P, INC is a privately held oil and gas production company, with approximately 2,800 acres under lease and operations in Wilson County, South East Kansas.  The company was incorporated in the State of Kansas in 1988.

Over more than twenty years of operations, AX&P, Inc. has gone through various phases of lease acquisitions, divestitures and at one time had more than 6,000 acres under lease in five counties.  Ownership and administration of AX&P, Inc. has remained the same over the last twenty-five years.

Based on the technical expertise and experience of its personnel, the Board of Directors decided several years ago to concentrate development efforts in the one core area that held the best potential for future growth of production: this is the approximately 2,500 unitized area in Wilson County; generally referred to as "The Bailey Unit" or Unit 1.  Located near the town of Neodesha it is part of the original historic "Norman #1" drilling area.  Norman #1 is credited to be the first successful oil well drilled West of the Mississippi.

The Bailey Unit area is probably the best contiguous reservoir of high gravity crude in Southeast Kansas. The area containes about 2,500 acres and was unitilized for water-flooding/secondary-recovery purposes in 1963. Following a substantial drilling effort that covered about 20% of the unitilized area production rates of up to 150 BOPD were achieved with 90% of production resulting from secondary-recovery. (Production and recovery charts: graph of Bailey Oil Production 1962-1988 and Production link.)

A 1988 reservoir study, Reserve Report of The Bailey Unit, projects more than 2.5 million barrels of oil left to be recovered by primary and secondary techniques from the Unit 1 area..

In spite of the age of the field, newly drilled wells in different segments of Unit 1 have shown surprisingly high initial production of up to 20 BOPD.  Drilling costs are low and our 800' slim-hole wells can be completed for $40,000 to $50,000.  Current production averages between 40 to 60 BOPD. Royalty percentages on most lease segments of the Unit 1 are 12.5% and current revenue (after royalty) from the Unit 1 area ranges between $700,000 and $1,300,000 per year.

President of AX&P, INC is Jürgen Hanke (PhD Petroleum Engineering 1966, University of Texas).  He can be reached at 620.325.5212 or via e-mail

Please click on Gallery for a view of historical pictures (around 1900) and some "Art in the Oil Fields". 

The Production link contains: Current and Historical Production and Revenue; Geological Reserve Report of The Bailey Unit; Revenue Graphs/Tables; Yearly Oil Production; Monthly Oil Production; and Unit 1 Acreage Map.



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