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Production History

Past and Future Development

The Neodesha production area of AX&P, Inc. has significant development potential.

While many wells have been drilled over the last several years, there remain quite well defined reservoir segments open for further development drilling and ultimate development for secondary recovery.

We have identified some ten distinct development areas on the Neodesha acreage. All of these areas have at least one well drilled and producing so that the drilling activities are not of exploratory nature, but can be classed as development, in-field, and/or extension well drilling. As an example, of the approximately 50 wells drilled by AX&P during the last several years, only one well was a true dry hole. All other wells were completed and have paid back their investments.

We have targeted for drilling and development: the Wilson lease area; the Fee area; the Keys-Heirs lease; the City of Neodesha & Jones areas; the Deer development; the Ellis, Sutherland, Cramer areas; the Wolfe West area, the Scott & Wolfe East redevelopment; the Wolfe North area; the Long & Holland lease area; plus several other, smaller entities, like Katzer, Casebeer, Mann, Belle Keys and Mong lease sections of the Unit 1, that have not been studied in detail. As of 2013, several of the lease segments have seen development drilling and we are in the process of developing detailed programs for each lease area that includes: a segment map, number of wells, contemplated future water flood pattern and estimated cost based on $45,000 per well including necessary infrastructure.

However, using a rough estimate based on our experience, the total investment program is of the order of $5 to $7,000,000, with substantial increase in Unit 1 production.

Wolfe West Development

The Wolfe West area was targeted as a segment development in 2010 because of its proximity to early water-floods and good offset well log indications of productive Neodesha Sand. In fact, the existing "old" wells located in the Wolfe West area and close to the current Ellis injection well, are definitely affected by injection. Also, an offset operator on the West side of the river has had some decent wells in years past.

Stepping out from existing "old" well #32G, we moved our drilling program North and then West. As of 2013, above three dozen wells have been drilled. This has moved "Unit 1" production back into its original dominant production segment of the Bailey Unit. The drilling program is continuing and a water injection program is being studied which includes a water supply well and injection line bores under 4th Street to the tank battery.

A novelty for the Wolfe West development is the decision to collect casing head gas from the newly drilled wells and sell it through a tap into Layne-Christensen's coal gas gathering and sales system. The collection system required minimal addition investment. Gas sales currently run at around 30 MCFD.

AX&P, Inc Neodesha Acreage Map

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